Work Benefits

“Work banishes those three great evils:  boredom, vice and poverty”                                                                                                 —Voltaire

Working for life

We work to pay the bills but we also work for happiness.  Everything we do, even all those wonderful things we enjoy immensely, are work of one kind or another.



Physical, mental, creative

Most people think to achieve happiness they need more free time.  Why? Because the word “work” seems to mean doing something we don’t enjoy. That is categorically untrue.  Everything we do involves some amount of ‘work.’

  • PHYSICAL – See the hikers in the example photo?  They are thrilled to be on top of that hill.  How did they get there?  They hiked, of course.  Physical work – walking to get there.  Walking may not seem like work but they certainly exerted themselves physically to achieve that goal.
  • MENTAL – This should be a no-brainer folks.  We think in everything we do, even when meditating.  We must use our brains to get where we want to be – a mental state of total relaxation, peace and possibly joy.
  • CREATIVE – In the collage image you see crafts, music and art.  ALL are creative outlets and we find much to love about any of those activities – being creative is satisfying and brings a feeling of accomplishment to us all.  Being creative is also work.

So work – working at anything – helps us achieve a more fulfilled LIFE.

Remember to count your blessings today and give thanks for the ability to create joy in your life and the lives of others through working to make it happen.

Have a great Sunday.

Sunday Web Surfer