Live Life Every Day

“May you live all the days of your life.” — Johnathan Swift

As we get older we often ask ourselves, “What did I do yesterday? Last Week? Last month? Even last year? Do you sometimes wonder WHY you did not do a few more things today? Things you really wanted to do?

We have but one life on this earth. Each day of that life is a gift. Remember how it feels to open a gift, especially one that is dear and may be dear to you for the rest of your life? The love you feel? The appreciation? That is also the gift of each and every day we are given.


Live those days to the absolute fullest – do at least one thing that will warm your heart or the heart of someone you care about. Think about opening the gift of life everyday and finding JOY, just in the being able to live it, and maybe share it with someone.

Today’s Vow

  • I shall do something I really want to do. Tonight when I lay down, I will think of what I did and be happy.
  • And I shall give a gift of joy to someone I care about by telling them how much I care.

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