Tree Trimming Derby KS – Seltun’s Tree Trimming Review

By Eileen Brown

Ray Seltun Tree Trimming

About a week ago I was on the  phone to someplace (I forget) and had been on hold for awhile.  As soon as someone came on the line, someone knocked on my front door. Isn’t that always the way?   At any rate I asked the person on the phone to hold on a minute (I had been on hold for much longer – no surprise there) and answered the door. A nice young man was there and had a business card in his hand – I accepted the card and let him know I was on the phone so could not listen to his spiel but would keep his card.  And I did keep the card.

Fast Forward to Tuesday 01-21-14.  The card was for tree trimming and since I needed this service I called him about pruning a couple of European River Birch Trees.  And before you get all hyper – this is the time of year to prune birch trees (I already knew that).  NO pruning between May 1 and August 1 as some bug (this I have forgotten) will attack during this time period.  And pruning in the winter has to be done before budding.  January is a perfect time in Kansas to do this.  So, on Wednesday this young fellow and his helper showed up to give me an estimate and they were prepared to do the work right then, if we could strike a deal.

There really was no haggling as his first price was so far below what I have paid before for the same service that I was thrilled with the instant quote.  When I say “so far below” I mean unbelievably low.  Completely thrilled I did wonder what my trees might look like at the end.

Turns out these two young men did a bang up job, with complete clean up too. They do other yard work and I will certainly call them again in the spring.  I had no language barriers (which I have had before with tree trimming companies) as both men were native Americans.  I mention this only because I have had this problem before with crews that showed up after an initial quote was accepted and it can be a problem when you cannot communicate what you want done.

After the first tree was done, I was so happy I decided to take a before and after photo of the second tree —

Before and After Birch Tree Trimming.

Before and After Birch Tree Trimming.

You can see how clean it looks now and when you having the pruning of Birch Trees done at the appropriate time you don’t have all that foliage hiding missed limbs that are not in very good shape.

I made a mistake when they were done as I took photos of them also and then forgot to take the after picture of that tree (duh).  As you can see it was a nice day on the day of the trimming but the next day was very cold and bleak.  Which is when I took the ‘after’ photo.  But it all turned out in the end.  I did of course have to move the auto out of the drive so it did not get smashed by any falling limbs during the actual trimming.

I highly recommend Ray Seltun Tree Service for any number of reasons but mostly because the job was done very cheaply and to my absolute and complete satisfaction. They also do tree removal and stump grinding.  The really good news is they will work in  Derby, Haysville and the Wichita Metro area. Here are the men that trimmed my 2 European Birch trees on January 22, 2014.

Ray Seltun (Seltun Tree Trimming) with Helper Chad

Ray Seltun (Seltun Tree Trimming) with Helper Chad.

You cannot get any better than this!  😉

01-29-14 UPdate!  See the comments for an update on these guys!  It’s really good news, for ME!  Heh.

One thought on “Tree Trimming Derby KS – Seltun’s Tree Trimming Review

  1. UPdate 01-29-14

    Today Ray and Chad showed up at my front door to work in the back yard – they are giving me a free yard clean up – all on their own – for posting a review about their work. Nice GUYS! WooHoo! Be sure to call them to trim your trees or do some yard clean up. You’ll be just as pleased as I have been. 😉


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