Happy New Year – Reflections

By Eileen Brown

Hello Folks.

First thing this FIRST morning of a new year, I went to Ron Edmondsons’ Blog as it is one of my favorites when I need my spirit uplifted. His messages are simple but always make me think, in a good way, of what our blessings truly are on this earth.

His first entry for the new year is “My 50 Favorite Words of All Time.”  I put in my .02 on that and wondered why this might be his first post of the year.  Then I realized this is his way of reflection into what makes his life and the lives around him happy.  What better way to start any new year.

I think many of us do this, count our blessings so the world around us, which looks more bleak each and every day, can be held at the door and pushed back, as “out of our conscious” mind as possible.  After all, the world as a whole is quite depressing, when looked at in regards to politics, wars, famine and etc. (that could be a very long list).

Not everyone out there knows how to count their blessings. Perhaps this would be a good subject for Pastor Ron to tackle.

As I look around here this morning, I realize I could do better and have even more blessings to count.  After all, our own efforts, on our own behalf can be what is uplifting in many ways on any given day.

If I can do more for ME, perhaps I will also manage to do more for others as well.  My response to Ron’s blog entry was to add a few more words and express what they mean to me.  He asked for that, so I gave it to him.  As I typed out my response, I realized that the words I added did mean more to me than just as words on a page.  Aha! There was my uplifting message of the day!  As it turns out, it was my own thoughts that waved away the worries of the world that some of us try to carry on our own shoulders.

So, I managed to spread “good on me” for myself.  Heh.  Probably not a bad start for a New Year.



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