Christmas Gift – Web pages with the spirit of Christmas

By Eileen Brown

Creating web pages for holidays is a labor of love. Especially during the Christmas Season.  Businesses can direct clients or customers to a web page that may or may not include links.  At any rate it does help to show off the Christmas Spirit just to put up these pages and direct friends, family, and customers to them.

Tweeting them can also bring heretofore unknown potential clients to the fold as some folks DO remember this kind of thoughtfulness.

Here is the first of many to start us off for 2011:

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

There should be a list of these coming up, as there is each year.  We’ll just tack them on to this post.

Note: If you would like a Christmas Page created for you or your business, write to buddyservices care of  Sound, audio files and videos you provide may be added to any page.

Have a great Holiday Season – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Our normal tag this time of year —

Merry Berry and Happy Holly from Buddy Web Services

Addition NOTES:

12-02-11 Christmas Cheer Web Page

12-03-11 Christmas Birthday Wishes

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