Inspiring Blogs – The Positive and The Dark

By Eileen Brown

Hello Folks – No, it is not Sunday but you should not be surprised that surfing the web takes place on other days of the week as well.

Met a very nice lady in the past couple of days at Twitter and thought it might be time to add something inspiring here.  The lady is Yvonne Anderson, who lives in Ohio and has changed careers in the past eight years or so.  I think that if you are a Christian you will love her blog entries here:  Inspiring and light, “Questions For Thought” tackles a subject we can all relate to (us Christians, that is) and that is the existence of a higher entity.

You can also find a little more about Yvonne here:

SO that is the positive side of this post, but there is another side too.  The darker side is this blog: Here you will find some very deep and often disturbing reading material.  But wait, what this guy says is usually also good news or at least, good to those of us who believe as he does, that there are rights and wrongs in the world.  This fellow simply hypothesizes in print what some of us might be thinking to ourselves.  VERY interesting reading, but yes, a tad on the dark side.

That’s all for today – a couple of places for Christians to lay an eyeball on some other folks OH!pinions.



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