Google and Facebook – Head to Head?

By Eileen Brown

Happy Sunday Folks.

I read something quite interesting this morning and it struck me as a true analysis.

How Facebook Can Put Google Out of Business @ TechCrunch.

Everyone who knows me, knows I am not a Facebook fan. But like most everyone on the web, I am a member and I keep in touch with some family and friends there on occasion. Also some high school friends. But it is not a destination for me. My tweets go there automatically so some business is covered with those tweets. But personal, on the web, no, not so much.

I do personal comments at but not so revealing as to make it dangerous for my family or myself. I do want people to feel familiar with me, for the sake of business only.

Putting Facebook up against Google seemed a bit much to me though. You know, apples and oranges. What Ben Elowitz said though in his entry (June 3, 2011) took me by surprise. His thoughts on this are not a true debate but check this out:

He states that, on the Google side:
When Google was born, its advantage stemmed from its ability to collect and analyze superior data. While other publishers looked myopically at each page on the Web as a standalone realm, Google found that the link relationships between those pages held more valuable relevance data than the pages themselves. All of a sudden, the isolated views of players like AltaVista and Yahoo began to look one-dimensional. And ownership of what is now the $20-billion-plus search advertising market was cemented.

Then on the Facebook side:
Facebook’s data allows it to do more than just guess what its customers might be interested in; the company’s data can help it know with greater certainty what its customers are really interested in. And this key difference could potentially give Facebook a tremendous advantage in search when it eventually decides to move in that direction.

Googles launch of the +1 product (the thumbs up for FB) shows a distinct action that will follow FB-like dimensions.  However, as Ben says, “But, if the truth be told, it will take far more than +1 to measure up to the whole new human dimension of the Internet. After all, the human organism is home territory for Facebook and utterly foreign turf for Google’s algorithmic machine.

So, if you took the time to read his entire entry – what say you on this subject?

Here again, I’ll pop some corn and watch the giants battle. Now this is a show for the masses.  Heh.

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